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    This is deceptively simple video was created for video contest sponsored by AARP. It is a stunning example that you don't have to use a lot of gimmicks to create something great.
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    Maira Kalman whimsical illustrations combine with seemingly simple captions to create a wondrous commentary.
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I can totally relate to your story! As you already know, you and I graduated the same year, which makes me a middle-ager, too. My wife and I also have two children (but our son is the only teen in the house for now).

Nothing you've presented so far indicates that you're a bad mother, as suggested in your Blog's title, but no doubt that's just another element of your creative writing that makes your blog so fun to read. Thanks for "putting yourself out there" so those of us who aren't capable of facing our fears publicly can benefit from your experiences. ;-)

Keep up the great work!!!

Amy, you're on a roll! The blog looks great and it's such a fun read already. I'm going to go subscribe right now.

I feel your worry, sister girlfriend. I may have dodged a big bullet during my kids middle school years, but am going through HS hell. Hard to watch your kids make mistakes (which being a teenager is all about) in such a small public arena. How I long for raising kids in NYC.

Why are everyone elses kids so perfect?

So, this is what I have to look forward to in 13 years - count me in! :)

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